Be successful at work when you’ve got ADHD with the Working with ADHD Programme

Are you:

  • Constantly exhausted from overworking to compensate for your ADHD challenges at work
  • Hiding your struggles because people don’t believe that your ADHD is a problem because you’ve been successful
  • Regularly feeling like quitting because you can’t see an alternative

Being successful at work doesn’t mean you have to keep working so hard you burnout. You may feel you’ve already tried everything, and nothing has worked and that if nothing changes then quitting is the only answer.

There is an alternative to quitting or putting up with it

What’s included in the Working with ADHD Programme?

  • You’ll get ADHD friendly strategies so you can handle your ADHD challenges
  • You’ll get your ADHD profile mapping out all your ADHD traits (including your strengths and what motivates you) so you can work with your ADHD
  • You’ll get regular support in our 1-2-1 sessions so you don’t feel overwhelmed – especially when things don’t go to plan (which will happen)

PLUS you’ll get Your ADHD Brain Quick Guide. A personalised ADHD friendly guide to how you can be successful at work so you can remind yourself what helps next time you hit a challenge (after you’ve finished the programme)


How Working with ADHD programme can help you

ADHD friendly process

A step by step process designed for ADHD brains so you won’t get overwhelmed, disheartened and want to give up

Personalised strategies

So you don’t waste your time with a strategy that isn’t going to work for you


Because we all need accountability to not get distracted and stay on track. We’ll also celebrate successes and figure out the learning when things don’t go to plan.

Why I created the Working with ADHD Programme


I’m Carol and I created the Working with ADHD programme because I could see lots of successful people with ADHD who were struggling with their ADHD challenges and overworking to compensate or hiding their difficulties

Which left them feeling exhausted, a failure and wondering how they could carry on in their career

But it is possible to be successful at work with ADHD, if you work with your ADHD brain (and not against it)

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from:

  • A lifetime of living with ADHD (most of it not knowing I had ADHD)
  • 20 years working as a manager in the public sector
  • 7 years experience as a counsellor supporting people at work
  • PLUS everything I’ve learnt since my ADHD diagnosis at age 48

to create the Working with ADHD programme to help people with ADHD be successful at work


How I have helped people with ADHD

Here are some of the ways I have helped people with ADHD

  • Get work done without leaving it to the last minute before the deadline so they can be less stressed
  • Make changes at home so they are no longer surviving on 2-3 hours sleep a night
  • Improve their communication skills so that they can get along with colleagues
  • Finish work earlier so they can take up hobbies and start a social life
  • Manage distractions so they can finish a task without being distracted by emails or other people
  • Improve their work life balance so they can get off the burnout cycle
  • Understand how their ADHD impacts them at work so that they can ask for help before they reach overwhelm



What people say about working with me

Before working with Carol, I was struggling to cope with my work-life balance, feeling there were no options of escape without quitting everything By learning how ADHD affects my lifestyle and how to use my strengths, I now want to stay in my job because I choose to and have got time and energy for a social life and to take up hobbies

– Matt, Game Developer.

Working with Carol has really helped me understand my motivations and values so that I can make more informed decisions about the sort of work I should be looking for, as well as a greater understanding of how I can work with my ADHD traits as opposed to trying to constantly fight them and wind up exhausted at the end of every day
– Tim, Technology Design & Governance.


Worried you won’t have time for this?

I understand that as someone with ADHD you don’t have enough time for all you’ve got to do now. Which I took in account when designing the programme so it is

  • ADHD friendly so you can follow it and it makes sense
  • Step by step process which I will guide you through so that you always know what you need to do next
  • Bite sized chunks so that it’s manageable and you can fit it in with your job, family and personal life

And of course completing the programme will help you have more time. Because when you’re finding work easier, you won’t be constantly exhausted, and will have energy for more of the things you want to do

Working with ADHD Programme

There are 3 levels of support, so you can choose what’s going to work best for you

Take off Accelerate Boost
£755 £1255
pay in 3 available
pay in 6 available
Access to the Working with ADHD pathway Access to the Working with ADHD pathway Access to the Working with ADHD pathway
5 x 60 minute sessions with me for support, accountability and cheerleading 9 x 60 minute sessions with me for support, accountability and cheerleading 18 x 60 minute sessions with me for support, accountability and cheerleading
Access to personalised Working with ADHD resources Access to personalised Working with ADHD resources Access to personalised Working with ADHD resources
Your own ADHD Brain Quick Guide to use after the programme Your own ADHD Brain Quick Guide to use after the programme Your own ADHD Brain Quick Guide to use after the programme
6 weeks of support to figure out how to work with your ADHD 3 months of support to figure out how to work with your ADHD AND put your strategies into action 6 months of support to figure out how to work with your ADHD AND put your strategies into action


When can I start?

The first step is for to arrange a call when we can have a chat about your situation and I can answer any questions you have.  This is to make sure we would be a good fit so you can get the most from the programme. 

If you want to go ahead, I’ll send you all the details to sign up for the programme

Each month I can start working with 2 people on the programme and will let you know on our call, when I’ll be able to start sessions with you. 

How much time will it take?

As well as the time for our 121 sessions, expect to spend about 30 minutes a week on activities such as completing questionnaires and reading or watching resources. 

On top of this you’ll be putting into practice the strategies we identify in the sessions – which will be things you’re already doing so shouldn’t need extra time.

How much does it cost?
There are 3 options for the programme:
Take off is £755 for 6 weeks support
Accelerate is £1255 for 3 months support (pay in 3 available)
Boost is £2475 for 6 months support (pay in 6 available)
How long is the programme?
There are three options for the length of the programme: 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months. The 3 and 6 month options give you support over an extended period as your put into practice your strategies.
How long do I get access to the resources?
You will receive your electronic copy of Your ADHD Brain Quick Guide at the end of the programme which is yours to keep.

You will have access to the resources for duration of programme you sign up for.

Do I have to be diagnosed with ADHD?

No. In fact the majority of people I work with haven’t been diagnosed. Some are thinking about getting a diagnosis or on the waiting list.  Others are self diagnosed. 

To benefit from the programme, you just need to recognise yourself in the traits and challenges of ADHD.  We’ll check this out in our call and if I think the programme is not for you, I’ll tell you (and suggest where you could go next for support).

I’ve already tried everything - will it work for me?

Lots of the people I work with feel they’ve already tried all the planners, strategies and techniques and nothing has worked for them

Which is why the programme starts with ADHD profiling, so that you can understand what your ADHD looks like.  I will then take you through a simple process to work out strategies for your ADHD challenges.  You’ll get chance to test and review these in our sessions, so that by the end of the programme you have your own proven ADHD strategies. 

Who is the Working with ADHD programme suitable for?

The Working with ADHD programme is suitable for people who are:

  • Ready to take action and make changes
  • Open to testing things out and it not going right first time
  • Willing to spend some time outside of the sessions
  • Self or formally diagnosed with ADHD
I’ve heard of ADHD coaching, how is this different?
The Working with ADHD programme has elements of ADHD coaching such as

  • Identifying your ADHD challenges at work
  • Helping you to understand your ADHD more
  • Figuring out and testing strategies to support you

However when you’ve been working and living with ADHD, particularly before you don’t know about it, you can collect quite a lot of baggage along the way.   This may be mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression as well as emotional wellbeing issues such as low self esteem, overthinking and imposter syndrome.  Because my professional training is in counselling, I can also support you with these as well as.

Which means that you can

  • Figure out strategies to help you with your ADHD challenges (coaching)


  • Work through the mental health and emotional wellbeing challenges you have experienced (counselling)
What kind of results can I expect from Working with ADHD programme?

One of the key elements of the programme is taking action and making changes in your life.  This is in your control – it’s not something I can do for you.  The programme gives you everything you need to figure out what action you want to take and how you’re going to do it.   If you take action AND come back to the next session to review how it went, you should see improvements with the challenges that prompted you to get help.

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