Counsellor with ADHD


I’m Carol and I can help you be successful at work when you’ve got ADHD (or think you have).

I’m a counsellor who helps people with ADHD be successful at work. Which means I can help you make your job work for you (and your ADHD) so you can stop thinking about quitting because you enjoy your job AND have a life outside of work.


My life with ADHD

Before working as a counsellor (and discovering my ADHD) I worked for 20 years as a manager in the public sector

  • Feeling like I didn’t fit in
  • Overworking to try and keep up
  • Not being able to switch off at weekends and holidays
  • Feeling like a fraud waiting to get caught out

Which left me believing I had to choose between myself or my job

I often think if I knew then what I know now it could have been so different

Which is why I now help people with ADHD who are struggling at work. Because I believe, with support, you can

  • Have a successful career, enjoy your job and have ADHD
  • Figure out how to handle the bits of your job you find tricky because of your ADHD
  • Work out how use your ADHD strengths at work
  • Ask for help and get the support you need
  • Have a life outside of work
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