Helping people with ADHD be successful at work

without burnout

Because when you’ve got ADHD, having a job is tough
You’re having to work so much harder than everyone else to keep it together

You’re afraid you’ll forget to do something, do something wrong, or maybe lose it and say something you’ll regret

And if you tell someone about your struggles, they’re surprised. Because you ‘look’ successful and have got it all under control

All of which leaves you exhausted from the effort of holding it together and hiding your struggles. You have no energy left when the working day is done. No hobbies, no social life, no life outside of work.

Yes, you might be successful

But at huge cost to you. Leaving you facing a choice between accepting regular burnouts or quitting your job.



I’m Carol and I’m a counsellor who helps people with ADHD be successful at work

Especially the ‘apparently’ successful who are chaotically disorganised and bounce from one deadline to the next

Or the successful-but-stressed who are ultra organised to try and stay in control (but never are)

Whilst no one notices or understands your daily battles – because if you’re successful you can’t be struggling

It is possible to be successful at work without:

  • Relying on the motivation of deadlines or crisis to be able to get stuff done
  • Being so organised to try and stay in control you can’t switch off at weekends or holidays
  • Being constantly exhausted you can’t enjoy time with your family and your home is in chaos



How Counselling for ADHD at work can help

I can help you figure out:

• how to get work done without leaving it to the last minute before the deadline, doing it in a rush and feeling like your work is rubbish
• how to ask for help at work so that you can get the support that will make a difference
• how to manage distractions so that you can get work done without being distracted by emails, other people or what’s going on around you
• how to keep on top of routine tasks that your ADHD brain finds boring so that you can stop constantly feeling behind

Which will mean that you can

N Get off the burnout cycle
N Stop thinking quitting your job is the only solution
N Start enjoying your time at work AND have a life outside of work

So get in touch today to book an initial call with me


What people say about working with me

Before working with Carol, I was struggling to cope with my work-life balance, feeling there were no options of escape without quitting everything By learning how ADHD affects my lifestyle and how to use my strengths, I now want to stay in my job because I choose to and have got time and energy for a social life and to take up hobbies

– Matt, Game Developer.

Working with Carol has really helped me understand my motivations and values so that I can make more informed decisions about the sort of work I should be looking for, as well as a greater understanding of how I can work with my ADHD traits as opposed to trying to constantly fight them and wind up exhausted at the end of every day
– Tim, Technology Design & Governance.

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