Do you want to make your marriage work?

Your life looks OK on the outside.  But inside your marriage isn’t working for you. 

You’re drifting along in a marriage which doesn’t have much fun and happiness.  You are two people who share a house together who are raising children, rather than a couple who want to be together. 

You’ve already tried everything.   You’ve talked to your husband about it.  You’ve agreed that changes need to happen in your marriage. 

But nothing changes

Leaving you stuck in a marriage that’s not working, not knowing what to do and afraid you’re going to end up splitting up unless something changes. 

You just want to know how to make your marriage work in straightforward, practical steps without

          • taking up loads of your time 
          • needing to go to couples counselling
          • having to do lots of reading and research about what will help

If this sounds like you
Making My Marriage Work
can help


This is a new and unique way to get support as you save your marriage. That doesn’t need lots of time and energy and is based on tried and tested strategies which help marriages work.

Weekly email

Each week you’ll get an email and video which will explain a Marriage Saving Step – a practical step you can start using straight away to improve your marriage

Monthly Masterclass

You’ll also get access to a monthly exclusive live Making My Marriage Work Masterclass, where you’ll learn more about how to make your marriage work.   And there’ll be a recording so no pressure to turn up live.

You get all this for £17 a month and it’s easy to join and easy to leave.  There’s no commitment, stay just as long as you need.   

Making My Marriage Work is for you if

  • You want to stay in your marriage

  • You’re ready to start taking steps to save it

  • You want guidance and support to know the steps you are taking give your marriage it’s best chance

  • You don’t want to go to couples counselling

  • You don’t want to spend lots of time Googling, reading or researching trying to find out how to save your marriage

Making My Marriage Work is based upon tried and tested strategies which will give you the best chance of saving your marriage.  And they’re all straightforward to put into practice, without adding more things to your to do list or putting you under pressure.


I’m Carol, The Marriage Coach and I help mums who want to make their marriage work so they have a marriage they can’t imagine leaving. 

I’m also a wife and mum and knows all about the real-life pressures of trying to juggle being a modern working married mum.

Over the past 5 years I’ve supported many mums with the challenges of modern family life.  Juggling having a career and running a home.  Being the kind of mum you want to be and doing a good job at work.  As well being a wife and navigating the bumps and challenges of life with your husband.

What I saw was that many mums were not happy in their marriage, but didn’t have the time or energy to do anything about it.  And didn’t feel they wanted to go to couples counselling.  So they ended up drifting along in a marriage that wasn’t really working, looked great to the outside world, but that they couldn’t imagine staying in for the rest of their lives.  Unless something changed they wouldn’t be able to save their marriage.

Making My Marriage Work was created for these mums.  As a new and unique way to get support to save your marriage.  That doesn’t need lots of time and energy and is based on tried and tested strategies which help marriages work.

I haven’t got a magic wand and I can’t offer you any guarantees about your marriage.  I can share with you Marriage Saving Steps for you to put into action so you can give it your best shot.  Then whatever happens you’ll know you gave it your all and did everything you could to make your marriage work. 



Some of the mums I've worked with have kindly shared their experience

"When we began our sessions I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life with my husband.  And then felt guilty for even thinking about splitting up. 

Now I understand my marriage more, I feel stronger and better about myself.  I feel confident I can handle whatever happens."

"I now know I’m giving my marriage it’s best chance.  Through the work we’ve done together, I know I’ll have given everything I can to save my marriage. 

I no longer feel scared by the thought that maybe we won’t make it.  And I’m not constantly thinking and worrying about my marriage.  Which makes it much easier for me to do what I need to do to give my marriage one last chance."

"I felt like I’d lost me.  Life was so busy doing everything for everyone else, that I stopped being me.  And started to think that my marriage and life was no longer enough.  

I’ve now learnt that it’s ok to put me first as well.  At work, in my family as well as in my marriage.  

Now I feel adaptable and resilient and can face whatever life throws at me."