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Hello from TikTok

If you’re here you’re probably struggling at work, got ADHD (or think you have ADHD) and don’t know what to do

Are you sick of overworking to keep up, being exhausted with no life outside of work and regularly burning out?

Perhaps you’re already tried lots of things, but nothing makes a difference.  Leaving you thinking that quitting your job is the only solution.

Or maybe you’re constantly afraid you’re going to get sacked.  Will you forget to do something, do something wrong, or maybe lose it and say something you’ll regret.

Hello, I’m Carol and I’m a counsellor who specialises in helping people with ADHD stay in their job. So that you can be successful at work (and enjoy it) without overworking, quitting or living in fear of getting sacked.

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Before working as a counsellor (and discovering I have ADHD) I worked for 20 years in the public sector

  • Feeling like I didn’t fit in
  • Overworking to try and keep up
  • Not being able to switch off at weekends and holidays
  • Feeling like a fraud waiting to be caught out

Which left me believing I had to choose between sacrificing myself or my job

I often think if I knew then

what I know now

work would’ve been very different

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Which is why I now help people with ADHD who are struggling at work and I can help you

❌ Stop overworking to overcompensate leaving you exhausted and burning out

❌ So that you no longer constantly think about quitting or getting fired

✔️ By making your job work for you so that you use your strengths, enjoy your time at work AND have a life outside of work

Ready to find out more about how I can help?

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