Hello I’m Carol Fare

The Marriage Coach
I help mums figure out if their marriage can make it so they can give it one last chance

I’m also a wife and mum and know all about the real-life pressures of trying to juggle being a modern working married mum.  And what it feels like for to be facing making a decision about your marriage.  

20 years ago I left a marriage. I couldn’t explain my reasons. I took the leap of faith that it was the right thing to do for me.

Fast forward two decades and as a mother, I know that decision would have been so much more difficult to make if I had children at the time. And I think that contemplating making such a leap of faith would have felt a risky thing to do.

I also know the challenges of being a modern working married mum

  • having a career which is fulfilling and satisfying
  • being the kind of mum you want to be
  • running a home
  • having a social life

And that the two things which can get squeezed out of this are your marriage and yourself. There’s always something more important to do. So your marriage and you get pushed to the bottom of the list every time.

My mission is to support mums so they can figure out if their marriage can make it and make a decision they can live with.

I don’t want any mum to feel they are faced with the choice of making a leap of faith or being stuck in marriage limbo. Or to face this struggle alone.

For those mums who want to give their marriage one last chance, I help them create a marriage they can’t imagine leaving.


Some of the mums I've worked with have kindly shared their experience

"When we began our sessions I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life with my husband.  And then felt guilty for even thinking about splitting up. 

Now I understand my marriage more, I feel stronger and better about myself.  I feel confident I can handle whatever happens."

"I now know I’m giving my marriage it’s best chance.  Through the work we’ve done together, I know I’ll have given everything I can to save my marriage. 

I no longer feel scared by the thought that maybe we won’t make it.  And I’m not constantly thinking and worrying about my marriage.  Which makes it much easier for me to do what I need to do to give my marriage one last chance."

"I felt like I’d lost me.  Life was so busy doing everything for everyone else, that I stopped being me.  And started to think that my marriage and life was no longer enough.  

I’ve now learnt that it’s ok to put me first as well.  At work, in my family as well as in my marriage.  

Now I feel adaptable and resilient and can face whatever life throws at me." 

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